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Brian Lynch Solo on “I’m Getting Sentimental…” | Exercise of the Week #22

Download the PDF of “Brian Lynch’s Trumpet Solo on I’m Getting Sentimental Over You” For this Exercise of the Week, rather than the type of exercises shared up to this point, Bryan Davis presents a transcribed jazz solo by Grammy-winning trumpeter Brian Lynch. It is his solo on the jazz standard “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You”…

Alternative Technical Study #4 for Trumpet | Exercise of the Week #21

In this video, Bryan Davis presents another Alternative Technical Study. This time, it’s a pattern combining chromatics and diatonics in 3. It’s notated in 3/8, rather than 3/4, to make it a little more challenging to read. The downloadable PDF has the exercise in all 12 keys, as an expanding series. Download the PDF of “Alternative…

“C/S/F – Major 6ths” for Trumpet | Exercise of the Week #19

For this Exercise of the Week, Bryan Davis presents a routine known as “C/S/F” – Connectivity/Stability/Flexibility – which he uses to practice and dial in intervals on the trumpet. This particular example is focused on Major 6ths. Download the PDF of “Connectivity/Stability/Flexibility – Major 6ths” Follow Airflow Music on Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram….