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Bryan Davis is always available to teach Trumpet/Brass lessons, whether at home in NYC or while he’s on the road. If you are not in New York, or Bryan is not visiting your location, he is also available to teach online lessons via Skype. Mr Davis has been extensively involved in Music education since the early 1990s – giving both private trumpet lessons and conducting workshops/masterclasses, and coaching ensembles all over the world. In recent years, his understanding of wider brass pedagogy has made him a popular consultant to players of all Brass Instruments.

His methodology is simple: to promote strong playing fundamentals and good playing efficiency through intelligent and organised practice, and informed equipment choices. In other words, the aim is to make the physical act of playing the trumpet as effortless as possible. That way, one can make music with the instrument rather than against, or in spite of, it!

In particular, Mr Davis’ assistance has frequently been sought by players who are struggling due to lip injuries, caused either by some sort of accident or the cumulative effect of many years playing harder than is necessary. It does not have to hurt to play a Brass Instrument!

Despite being best known as a jazz/commercial/lead trumpeter, Bryan’s approach is applicable to Brass musicians of all styles and genres.

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