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Combination Drills, Vol. 1 – Required Text at the University of Miami

This week, at Airflow Music, we’re celebrating the 1st anniversary of our 1st publication – Combination Drills: Developed Scales in Odd Meters, Volume 1 by Bryan Davis. It has been well received by musicians all around the world, during the past year, but we were especially delighted to learn that it has been set as a Required Text for the University of Miami Jazz Trumpet Studio, by their Professor Brian Lynch.

Combination Drills has become a required text in my studio and a staple in my own practice routine. The way it addresses basic technical development at the same time that it promotes scale fluency and rhythmic awareness makes this method an exemplar of 21st century trumpet pedagogy. I recommend both volumes of Bryan Davis’ Combination Drills to students and professionals of all levels, in the highest terms!

Brian Lynch
Grammy® Award Winning Trumpeter, Composer and Bandleader
Professor Of Studio Music And Jazz, Frost School Of Music at University Of Miami

Many thanks to Professor Lynch for his support and kind words – we’re honored, and tremendously grateful! If you’re not familiar with his incredible trumpet playing, and phenomenal musical output in both the Jazz and Latin genres, we recommend you visit him via his record company, Hollistic MusicWorks, and learn more.