Combination Drills, Vol. 1

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Combination Drills is a collection of Developed Scale exercises for Brass Instruments, designed to allow the aspiring brass wind musician to practice a variety of musical and technical skills simultaneously, thus unifying their airflow approach and getting the best value for their practice time.

These exercises have been developed by Bryan Davis, a world-renowned Lead Trumpeter originally from the UK, who now lives and works in New York City. In addition to his busy playing schedule, Mr Davis has become one of the most sought after trumpet teachers working today; regularly consulting with players from all over the world, helping them play more easily and efficiently, and assisting those recovering from lip injuries.

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3 reviews for Combination Drills, Vol. 1

  1. Chris Thompson (verified owner)

    One of the challenges I face as a musician and trumpet player is sight reading music in odd meters. This book is helping me to internalize the feeling of subdivided patterns (eg. 3+2, 2+3 in 5/8) and I am finding the exercises to be excellent articulation, fingering, and breath control exercises as well. Looking forward to Volume Two and perhaps an etude or two (hint). Thanks, Bryan Davis, for a well thought out book addressing an often neglected topic.

  2. Carl Levoguer (verified owner)

    This is a great addition to any trumpeter’s toolbox. The book has you working on odd meter (5/8, 7/8 etc.) and harmonic fluency beyond the usual major and minor scales, in a ‘low impact’ way with lots of soft playing in all 12 tonalities, similar to H.L. Clarke and more modern methods such as Gerard Presencer’s MAP. I like Bryans holistic approach to developing trumpet technique, making it accessible to less experienced players, while providing exercises that will challenge even very seasoned players. A well thought out book that every trumpet player will find beneficial in their daily practice.

  3. Airflow Music (verified owner)

    Combination Drills has become a required text in my studio and a staple in my own practice routine. The way it addresses basic technical development at the same time that it promotes scale fluency and rhythmic awareness makes this method an exemplar of 21st century trumpet pedagogy. I recommend both volumes of Bryan Davis’ Combination Drills to students and professionals of all levels, in the highest terms!

    Brian Lynch
    Grammy® Award Winning Trumpeter, Composer and Bandleader
    Professor Of Studio Music And Jazz, Frost School Of Music at University Of Miami
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