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“Para Los Rumberos” – Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra

This is “Para Los Rumberos” by Tito Puente, virtually performed by Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra.

Soloists are Ivan Renta (tenor sax.), Rafi Malkiel (trombone), Keisel Jimenez (congas), Vince Cherico (drums), Carly Maldonado (timbales) and Bryan Davis (trumpet).

This performance is excerpted from the August 23, 2020 edition of Virtual Birdland. You can watch the full show at:

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The Musicians:
Arturo O’Farrill – Piano & Musical Director; 
Alejandro Aviles, Adison Evans, Ivan Renta, Livio Almeida, Larry Bustamante; 
Bryan Davis, Adam O’Farrill, Walter Cano, Rachel Therrien;
Rafi Malkiel, Mariel Bildsten, Abdulrahman Amer, Earl McIntyre
Vince Cherico – drums
Bam Bam Rodriguez – bass
Carlos “Carly” Maldonado – percussion
Keisel Jimenez – congas

Sound Mixing: Peter Karl
Video Editing: Bryan Davis

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