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More Endurance & Effortlessness! | “K for Kinesthesia” | Trumpet A-Z, Episode 11

Playing effortlessly and having apparently limitless endurance on the trumpet may seem like an impossible dream for many of us. Fortunately, Bryan Davis is here with tips to make that dream a reality! For successful trumpet playing, it’s not just what you practice but HOW you practice! In “K for Kinesthesia”, the latest episode in…

Aperture Control and Conditioned Response | Trumpet Q&A – #2

In response to a question from Gavin McCaffrey, Bryan Davis gives tips on how to better control your aperture and airstream, and set up a conditioned response in your embouchure so you can play the trumpet with far greater ease! Watch: “E for Embouchure” – https://youtu.be/g5s4tkbCyOI “F for Falsetto” – https://youtu.be/gUXeH5i1T7g Catch up on the…

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