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Avoid Tension and Play Easier! | “P for Posture” | Trumpet A-Z, Episode 16

Whether we’re sitting or standing to play, our ability to make a clear and resonant sound, have good intonation, avoid unnecessary tension and generally just play as easily as possible is affected enormously by how we position our body. In the latest episode of #TrumpetAtoZ, “P for Posture”, Bryan Davis explains some posture pitfalls you…

Simple Jaw Stabilizer! | Exercise of the Week #1

For the inaugural Exercise of the Week, we present a simple Jaw Stabilization drill. Work on maintaining jaw position throughout the low partials, to improve flexibility and eliminate extraneous motion. Click to download the PDF of “Jaw Stabilization #1” Jaw Stabilization was also referenced in “J for Jaw” in the #TrumpetAtoZ series. Watch now at:…

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