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“Combination Drills – Major Pentatonic in 5” for Trumpet | Exercise of the Week #10

For this Exercise of the Week, Bryan Davis presents a previously unpublished variation on his popular Combination Drills exercises. This version is the 5/8 Combination Drills pattern on the Major Pentatonic scale. Download the PDF of “Combination Drills – Major Pentatonic in 5” Buy “Combination Drills: Developed Scales in Odd Meters” by Bryan Davis. PDF eBooks…

How I Play High Notes! | “U for Upper Register” | Trumpet A-Z, S01E21

Following on from the last “Trumpet A-Z” video, Bryan Davis explains and demonstrates how to isolate, engage and practice your abdominal or “Core” compression; arguably the most powerful of the 3 Compressions. In “U for Upper Register” he demonstrates that core compression is particularly useful for accessing the upper register, aka “playing high notes.” Included…

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